Punching power is a function of leverage. VK Insoles help boxers apply more force into the ground and that force is returned to the athlete. In addition to energy transfer, VKs are the best sports insole for boxers because they add “bounce”, keeping fighters on their toes and helping maintain fresh legs the whole match.

  • Developed by a Certified Pedorthist for the USA Olympic Bobsled Team, VK Insoles improve athletic performance and help protect from injury.
  • Dynamic design improves athlete’s explosiveness (tested to be +9.3%).
  • Memory foam top cover provides comfort and shock absorption.

A successful boxer has strong, healthy legs because that’s the body’s foundation. VKs help protect athletes from common foot and leg problems such as turf toe and plantar fasciitis.

athletic insoles can improve your 40 yard dash
sport insoles help increase your vertical jump
performance insoles help increase your broad jump


"Power and speed are key components of my game. I was skeptical at first, but since using VK Insoles this off-season, I have seen a marked improvement in my ability to explode and drive power from my feet to my legs. VKs will be a regular tool in my arsenal this season.  "
George Springer, MLB Star, Astros Outfielder

"VKs give me more spring action, more burst. They help me get by my man to really attack the defense. When I wear VKs, I get that extra explosion which gives me an edge on the court."
Yogi Farrell, Dallas Mavericks point guard

"Exploding vertically is important in Volleyball and VK Insoles give me that extra edge on the court without adding bulk to my shoe. At the same time, I love that VKs help to protect against injuries from the countless jumps I take every day."
Rachael Adams, Team USA Volleyball, gold medalist and world champion

"I love your product. I am really exploding off the ball with VKs."
Devin Funchess, Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver

"We have used VK Insoles on several of our players with nagging foot and ankle injuries this season. All of the players that have used VKs report a decrease in pain as well as additional support that their current cleats did not provide."
Todd Toriscelli, Director of Sports Medicine, Tennessee Titans

"These insoles are game changers – increased speed and power – makes running easier. I’m loving my VKs"
Justin Gatlin, Fastest Man in the USA

"We purchased VK Insoles to assist in foot and toe injury protection for all of our football athletes. I've noticed a decrease in foot and toe injuries this season and our players report increased support in their cleats."
Ben Kastler, Athletic Trainer, Northern Illinois Football

"As I continue to work out in your VK Insoles I’m convinced that this is a one of a kind product. ...more height at takeoff in the long jump...more explosive out of the starting blocks."
Tianna Bartoletta, Long Jumper, Sprinter, and 3X Olympic Gold Medalist

"I tried VK Insoles for myself and instantly felt the energy return. Increasing speed and explosiveness is all about one thing – putting a force into the ground – and that’s what VKs do for an athlete."
Bill Parisi, renowned  strength & fitness expert and founder of Parisi Speed Schools